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The ongoing war between Haven and Hades has separated angelic couple Astrid and Pax, who are both soldiers in Haven's army. Pax believes that Astrid is dead and dreams of revenging her killing, but the havenly powers won't even let him return to combat.

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Widespread disturbing nightmares and a mounting casualty list, restricted mainly to female angels, make him desperate to find out whether the tides of war are shifting-but the truth of what is happening to the female angels at the hands of the demonic is even more shocking. Astrid is being held in brutal captivity by demon warrior Cathal, who is so powerful that his unending sexual appetite could kill a human female, and she is close to succumbing to his dark desires.

Can her true love, Pax, save her? Can she save herself?

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Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dubious consent and violence. Skriv anmeldelse.

Becky flees to her uncle's dolphin research facility in the Florida Keys. She becomes enthralled with a handsome conservation activist who opposes marine mammal captivity. In turn, Becky questions the morality of her uncle's business, nearly destroying it in the process.

One exceptionally compassionate creature that lives at the facility is Miss Angel, the lead dolphin for the facility's new dolphin-child therapy program. This program must succeed in order for Becky's uncle to survive economically. While wrestling with the dolphin captivity issue, she seeks her own personal independence.

Can Becky accept the responsibility that freedom requires of her?