Enamored: Book 2 in the Enslaved Trilogy

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Sign In Register. Listening to Books. May 7, at am. Shoshanna Evers says:. May 8, at pm. Pam Robson says:. Sherwood was somewhere in the crowd, no doubt ready to read me the riot act for going against The Code. The name Davenport was a shield, the titles of Greythorn and Thornton a lance and sword. I was one of the wealthiest, most influential men in Great Britain.

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The Davenports had been founding members of the Order of Dionysus, and each generation had sat on its council. But any of those were less objectionable than the idea of Cosima being exposed to the harsh elements of my world. I stormed up to him before he could freeze and slammed my fist across the strong line of his nose hard enough to feel the bones break like eggshells under my knuckles. Blood erupted from his nostrils and sluiced down the fine linen of his suit.

The Enslaved Duet

Before he could recover, I banded my fingers around his throat and pushed him brutally against the wall of the house. I hefted him into the air so that my hand was an iron bar holding him aloft.

His face went pink, then mauve, and shifted into a satisfying shade of purple. Someone had done something to Cosima. To my wife. I wanted each one of them to die for even existing at the wedding when my bride did not.

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