Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish

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Violet is so called true color. It has its own space in the spectra around THz and purple is simply a mix of two other real colors red and blue. Our mission is to present 50 different shades of purple with examples and hex codes which can be used in every graphic program, so you can not only easily find and use the right purple shade, but name it and maybe even find a bit of interesting info about it as well.

We can already notice some vagueness in the nomenclature.

We have the color with simple name purple, there is medium purple and electric purple with an old name true purple. And by the way, Veronica old name for another shade or purple X11 a new name for the same shade — this standard is constructed for web browsers is sometimes called medium purple too! The purple color is relatively rare in nature and it was for centuries reserved for nobility only.

The pigment for purple dye was made from sort of sea snail and for one piece of colored cloth they needed tens or hundreds of thousands of snails, there was a lot of manual work and the procedure was very time-consuming, so you can imagine it was expensive the price was approximately the same as the price of silver.

Because the pigment was produced in ancient city Tyre today it is part of Lebanon , the dye was sometimes called Tyrian purple. Being the color of kings and emperors, it is sometimes called imperial purple. There are of course other shades, tones, hues and tints with names suggesting its expense and prestige:.

Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish: Following Dreams!

Considering the fact some shades are used for many centuries and the color in real life was made from pigments with varying quality, color becoming paler with exposure to the sun and other elements, this is only logic to expect. In the next set, we can see the association with precious stones and the last color is the color of prestigious US military decoration.

Important people in Old Rome adored this color and we can find the shades named after locations in both parts of the Roman Empire. As we could easily add another set of purple tones named after places magenta, for instance the same is true with flowers as well.

All the names with the word violet are included in the list of violet shades and you can find magenta and additional shade of fuchsia among pinks. We can add the fact phlox, named after the flower is often called psychedelic purple. This color is fluorescent magenta and blue pigments and it was very much in favor in the hippie movement. Jimmy Hendrix was one of the biggest fans. Ready for some more … purple? Next set of names is pretty descriptive as is.

By the way — purpureus is purple in Old German.

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Blush is a new name for the color which was before called cranberry purple. Pizzaz is used to describe vitality, we have fandango, a dance from Spain and Portugal, Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday in French , the famous carnival in masks, and for the final — a brownish tone called taupe what means a mole in French. This color is definitely one of the most powerful ones with powerful psychological effects and strong historic background and it is still among the most popular colors for special occasion, like weddings or parties, for instance.

Purple throw pillows and purple tees above are just two of the examples of the popularity of purple colors. They are not meant for everyday use, but rather to make an impression. A lasting one! You are commenting using your WordPress.

brilliant color combinations and how to apply them to your designs – Learn

These colors and the mid-century modern aesthetic in general have seen a resurgence in popularity and still look stylish. Nothing says "health" more than these varied citrus hues. Orange, yellow and lime green are the perfect choices if you want a color combination that suggests freshness and vitality.

The colors that are seen across the sky as the sun sets and moves towards twilight come in a wide range of peaches and blues, creating a sophisticated palette to make any design unique. A color combination so tropical you can almost feel the warm breeze on your skin. These warm colors have a youthful energy and vitality. Did you know that colors have meanings?

Read more about it here: The history and psychology of colors. Think of autumn and the various shades of brown, red, orange and green that the foliage turns into. Use these colors to create a design that is appealing and cozy. This palette balances out colors from the red and brown spectrum with the yellow and green. It's booth bright and bold, but still soothing and fun. This color combination has an outdoor feel to it, like a summer baseball game: you have the red dirt of the baseball diamond, the green grass in the outfield, the bright sun in a blue sky overhead.

Pairing black and white with bright, crisp shades of green makes for a modern palette that is sophisticated without being too serious. Instead of pairing red or blue with your black and white, freshen things up with some green. A classic combination: neutral navy and ivory play off the red and peacock blue in this combination that brings to mind the ocean and boating. Neutral colors like the shades of gray and tan here are very versatile and can be paired with almost anything. A color scheme of all neutrals, however, can be quite nice, too. Orange is often associated with energy, and what's more energetic than these two complementary orange tones?

The off-white and pear green colors balance the palette, creating a fresh feel. This color combination is pure nostalgia. It evokes memories of warm summer afternoons, hanging out at the backyard and just enjoying the day. An effective color combination doesn't need to use wildly different colors, as this palette demonstrates. The different shades of blue are perfectly balanced, and conjures the trustworthiness blue is often said to promote. This cheerful palette of reds, oranges, and yellows will surely perk up any design you use it in.

Though lemonade stands are mostly associated with summer, this palette also feels rather like autumn. You can get more autumn-inspired palettes through this article: 5 fall-inspired color palettes. Calming, spa-like greens and blue—great by themselves—look a little more lively with a splash of raspberry as an accent color. Adding a brighter or bolder accent color to a more restrained selection is a nice technique to liven up a color palette and give it a little extra interest. Have a summer party invitation to design?

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A palette like this one will make it clear where the fun is at. Shades ranging from light to dark make it easy to apply this color palette to a design. Applications for a pastel palette will be somewhat limited — designs having to do with Easter, spring, babies, or tea parties are pretty safe choices.

Reminiscent of winter berries and bare branches against a snowy sky, this combination of colors would make a great alternative to your traditional Christmas or holiday palettes. The rich reds paired with violet-tinged grays feel festive, but sophisticated. Who says brown has to be boring?

Add some red and violet undertones, and you have a full, rich color palette that — like these chocolate cupcakes — feels a little decadent. Why not give them a try? White, black or in this case, very dark navy , red, and yellow is a very common combination.

Many cliff-hugging villages along the Mediterranean coast are painted in warm pastels. You can replicate that sunny, carefree look with this selection of shades and bring a little of the Italian dolce vita to your design, creating a warm and welcoming effect. To add a little class to a design, try some combination of the two colors. If you can manage to get your design printed with gold foil accents, even better! The ink colors that all printers use cyan, magenta, yellow, and black; abbreviated CMYK make a striking combination on their own, similar to the neon and illuminated signs of a big city at night.

Blue and gray always work nicely together and you could certainly use the bottom three selections of this palette by themselves — but the addition of a light coral pink, along with the brighter blues, gives this combination a little extra sparkle. Lunch at an Italian restaurant, anyone? Some of the things most often associated with Italian cuisine — wine, rich tomato sauce, fresh handmade pasta — all make an appearance in this color scheme.

Try it out to add some warmth and flavor to a design.

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The inclusion of a creamy neutral shade balances out the more colorful selections; you can use it as a background or base color and one or more of the others as tasteful accents. The only way to know if it will work is if you try it yourself. Black, gray, and white are always acceptable, usable colors. But add some cobalt blue, and those run-of-the-mill neutral shades become a backdrop for a modern, attractive palette that could work for any design style, from corporate to trendy.

Red or blue might be common pairings for basic black and white, but here, a deeper red along with a brighter turquoise blue gives a fresh twist to a familiar combination.