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Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Unfortauntely we cant add you to the mailing list at this time. This site is managed and maintained by:. School policies, promoting good health and a non-discriminatory, safe and secure physical and psychosocial environment, are most effective when supported by other reinforcing strategies such as provision of safe water and sanitation, skills based health education, provision of health and other services, effective referral to external health service providers and links with the community.

The FRESH framework provides this context by positioning health related school policies among its four core components, that should be made available together for all schools. These core components of the FRESH framework require school-community partnerships as the supporting strategies for the success of school health and nutrition programs. These include effective partnerships between the health and education sectors, teachers and health workers, schools and community groups and between the pupils and those responsible for implementing school health programs.

It's a chilling reminder of an all-out crisis. It wasn't just the jokes in this episode that missed the mark, but the whole premise.

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In the episode, " My Brother's Keeper " Will is being scouted for a big scholarship. His basketball skills appear to be his ticket to his own future success. The only problem is, he's not alone in the running. Will has competition for the scholarship. The other player just so happens to be a young father.

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Once Will finds this out he decides to throw the game thinking his opponent needs the free ride more. Will's opponent makes a fine point, he has plenty of opportunities for success. He's more than his athletic ability.

Implying the only way a black man can become wealthy is by playing basketball would not fly today. There have been several instances of homophobic humor on the show.

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After all, it was produced in the s when it was largely socially acceptable to pick on someone for their sexual orientation. Thankfully we've evolved as a society and become more inclusive. In this particular instance, uncle Phil attempts to open up and praise Will in a pirate-themed restaurant. After baring his soul to the man he believes to be his nephew the server turns around and reveals the mistake.

He rebukes what he believes is a come-on from the confused Philip. Then he points out that his parrot is on the left shoulder, not the right.

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This is a nod to the outdated stereotype that gay men pierced their right ear as a sign of their sexual preference. Not only is the stereotype silly but it's so outdated that it's doubtful a current audience would even catch the joke. DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the most colorful characters on the show. He's large than life and often problematic. He has plenty of other redeeming qualities too. Jazz is a great lover of the incredibly talented Whitney Houston. Several times on the show he was seen carrying around a lifesize cardboard cut out of the recording artist and actress.

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At one point the cut-out is swapped out for Bill Cosby. Will asks his best friend what happened to Whitney and Jazz delivers a reply that breaks hearts today. Obviously there was no way the show's writers could have predicted Whitney's tragic death in her bathtub in For anyone still mourning the loss of this colossal talent would likely feel the sting of this line. There were so many celebrity guest stars on the show that it's easy to forget a few.

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It's hard to believe but even the president of the United States made an appearance. Of course, he wasn't president then and no one saw his election coming either. In the episode, they're looking into buying the Bas' home. The Donald delivers a line that just doesn't have the same care-free impact that it had n the s. When the actor portraying Aunt Viv was suddenly recast many fans theorized that it was because the actor replacing her had a different complexion. Many of his peers accuse him of selling out and acting "white". This joke is wrong on so many levels.

The black community has dealt with skin tone preference for a long time.

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  7. The issue has been a problem both within the community itself and from the outside world. People with beautiful dark complexions have been treated as "less than" than those who have lighter skin. Not only is the reference to skin tone uncool but this episode treats black men as if they're only allowed to behave one way. It implies there is only one way to act "black". Will is a flawed character. He has a lot of problematic behaviors.

    In the s it wasn't uncommon to hear quite a lot of uncomfortable jokes about people's bodies. Size acceptance wasn't exactly mainstream. Will's character owes a lot to uncle Phil. For example, he provides for him financially and treats him like a son. None of that love or generosity is enough to get Will to treat his uncle with respect. He constantly makes rude jokes about everything from Phil's waist size to his appetite. The man can't eat a meal in peace in his own home.

    This means starting with people and focusing on their consumption habits. Then working back through the food system — from retail, packaging and distribution to how and what is grown — to determine what levers business can pull to contribute to food system reform in order to create healthy and enjoyable food for all, produced responsibly, within planetary boundaries by FReSH does this by focusing on:.