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As the government prepared to demolish Casal Ventoso in , he was working with the addicts living in the neighborhood. Some lost their arms or legs due to overusing. Nothing was working. On the other side of the Atlantic, the U. But in , Portugal took a radical step.

It became the first country in the world to decriminalize the consumption of all drugs. Seventeen years on, the U. In alone, an estimated 64, Americans died from opioid overdoses—more than the combined death tolls for Americans in the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq Wars.

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In Portugal, meanwhile, the drug-induced death rate has plummeted to five times lower than the E. Its rate of HIV infection has dropped from Drug use has declined overall among the to year-old population , those most at risk of initiating drug use. But at the same time, he says, there are lessons to be learned from the approach of treating drug addiction as a medical issue rather than a criminal problem.

For starters, its crisis escalated extraordinarily quickly. After four decades of authoritarian rule , during which it was impossible to even buy a Coca Cola, Portugal opened to the world in , perhaps embracing freedom and new markets a little too enthusiastically. Soldiers returned to Portugal from ex-colonies with a variety of drugs, just as borders opened up for travel and trade.

So many years of isolation had left the country poorly equipped to tackle the influx of drugs, and it lacked adequate knowledge about the social and health risks of different drugs.

The culture of liberation soon spiraled into a crisis. Since , the Crescer outreach team has walked the same route on an abandoned construction project in a Lisbon suburb. They provide heroin and cocaine addicts with what they need for safer consumption: clean needles, tinfoil and psychological support. Each year, they help about 1, users.

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If they want to, in their own time, we can help them stop using. Under the law, drug dealers still go to prison. But anyone caught with less than a day supply of any drug—including marijuana and heroin—is typically sent to a local commission , consisting of a doctor, lawyer and social worker, where they learn about treatment and available medical services. What matters is whether the relationship to drugs is healthy or not.

Such facilities have been running in Europe since , when the first was opened in Berne, Switzerland. Evidence shows these sites can save lives , reduce public disorder associated with drugs, and lead to a drop in the behaviors linked to HIV and Hepatitis C transmission. But in the U. Legal uncertainty is part of the problem: the federal government is opposed to the opening of such facilities, and state and local lawmakers have clashed over them.

Some communities have also raised concerns about the impact on their neighborhoods. According to NPR , although efforts are underway in at least 13 cities and states, all official supervised injection sites remain pending. You will only be able to see the first 20 seconds. To watch full video, login or sign up! If your institution is subscribed to the Biology section, you can access that content off-site by login or signing up with your institutional email.


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