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Often enormously spiritual or material and always caring for others. It has certain objectives and possesses a commanding presence of.

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Knowing the malady, the remedy could not have been far away. The problem occupied his mind relentlessly. In , Ranganathan happened to visit Selfridge's department store in London, and accidentally stumbled on a demonstration of a Meccano toy kit. The salesman was making different toys from the same kit by permutation and combination of the blocks, strips, nuts, and bolts.

That triggered his mind to adopt a similar technique to design different class numbers from the same subject concepts to suit individual documents Indian Statistical Institute [2]. This idea later brought a paradigm shift in classification theory, practice, and research. He visualized that all knowledge is comprised of some basic and discrete concepts call these building blocks of the universe of knowledge , which could be combined to construct class numbers to specifically suit a document, instead of assigning it a predetermined ready-made sort of pigeonhole class number.

Connecting symbols in the form of punctuation marks served as his nuts and bolts to string together discrete concepts. Sayers at once commended the idea of the new technique, but warned him of the labour and patience required for the huge task ahead Maltby , Back home in , as the first trained librarian of Madras University, he developed and applied his scheme to that library, and gained long and first-hand experience of its applications and problems, including comments from the library's users.

As already stated, CC was first published in The second edition Ranganathan a , was important as it clearly laid down the theory and methods of CC as already published in his magnum opus, the Prolegomena to library classification Ranganathan The third edition of CC Ranganathan came out when Ranganathan had moved to Delhi University and was in the second phase of his writing career.

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In Delhi, he attracted a band of young and faithful follower librarians and organized them into a formal group named Library Research Circle; they considerably advanced research in classification, and applied his KO systems and methods in their libraries Parthasarthy Colon Classification was widely adopted in Delhi libraries. This led him to delve into his classification theory at a somewhat more abstract level with his colleagues, disciples and students.

New advances were published in conference volumes and serials of the Indian Library Association of which he was the president After long experience and a constant quest to generalize the various facets, in he came out with his famous, although debatable, theory of "five and only five fundamental categories" in the universe of knowledge.

In the earlier editions, the facets were named variously in different main classes, e. Ranganathan , 1.

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In the fourth edition Ranganathan these were highly generalized by an intuitive process of abstraction, and named as personality, matter, energy, space, and time, famously known as PMEST [3]. It was a masterstroke in generalizing myriads of facets to a few seminal categories [4].

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Five is considered as the least number of categories for any bibliographic classification postulated so far. The fifth edition Ranganathan a was proposed as two volumes of basic and depth versions, but only the basic version was published. Later Ranganathan realized the non-viability of publishing depth schedules in book form Indian Statistical Institute By the time the sixth edition was published Ranganathan , CC had reached its pinnacle of glory, exemplified by the International Study Conference on Classification Study and Information Retrieval, held at Dorking, England in , which exclusively discussed his theories with wide approval.

The Classification Research Group CRG, London, formed in declared its manifesto of faceted classification as the basis of all future information retrieval systems. Ranganathan's philosophy and method of facet analysis achieved wide acceptance, though only a few believed the doctrine of five fundamental categories. The term facet was used differently by different scholars and classification schemes, and it still continues so.

The sixth edition, later issued with amendments Ranganathan , remains the most popular, used and stable edition.

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It is the one taught in all Indian library schools. The seventh edition Ranganathan , which was published posthumously and edited by his long time research assistant, Professor M. Gopinath , was considered by many to be confused and inconsistent in structure and notation. On the whole, this edition has been discarded by the Indian library profession Satija Nevertheless, it brought many metamorphic changes to aspects such as basic subjects, categories, common isolates, and notation, though to no avail.

Gopinath conveniently grouped the seven editions into three versions in the line of evolution of facetisation of the system:. During this period, the facet formula was rigid and predetermined. The colon was the only connecting symbol for all the facets. That is, until the fourth edition Ranganathan the only connecting symbol was the colon; even the absent facets had to be indicated by dummy colons, e.

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Here the first three colons indicate the absence of matter, energy and space facets, the last colon is the connecting symbol for the time facet, i. This made the class numbers unwieldy and even slippery. An inadvertent extra colon could land the book in an alien place, thus misplacing it. Some adversaries made fun of the cluttering of colons. As stated earlier, the fourth edition became a milestone, with the postulation of the five fundamental categories and generalizing them concretely as PMEST.

Each category was indicated by a distinct connecting symbol. Hence, the absence or presence of any category was self, or automatically indicated.

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  8. For example, the above class number is now denoted as 2'N — the apostrophe being the indicator symbol for the category of Time. It means that all other categories, namely [P], [M], [E], and [S] are visibly absent. It brought simplicity and brevity to the notation by doing away with the rigidity of the facet formula.

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    This period was devoted to the close study of the properties and structure of the universe of subjects. Discovery of new common isolates, the concept of speciators to further differentiate a facet into species, and the development of highly hospitable sector notation and devices for improvising class numbers made CC more flexible.

    This led Ranganathan to declare it as a freely-faceted analytico-synthetic scheme, which is a sort of a self-perpetuating system.

    A self-perpetuating system is one that needs least revision, and which allows forging of new isolates as needed with the help of inbuilt devices. The new version has a virtually infinite capacity to incorporate new subjects at their proper places with the help of hospitality devices for the creation of new isolate numbers. However, even though CC is a truly postulate-based analytico-synthetic classification, and a highly faceted classification, history has proved that no classification can be self-perpetuating.

    The theory or concept of a self-perpetuating KO system is flawed. The CC is a general scheme, which aims to classify by discipline a method adopted and perpetuated by DDC all subjects and all forms of library documents — books, periodicals, reports, pamphlets, microforms, and electronic media — in all kinds of libraries. For bibliographic records and micro-subjects, requiring depth classification, its potential becomes even greater.

    The scheme is described as an analytico-synthetic [5] as opposed to an enumerative classification system. Enumerative systems provide an exhaustive top down list of all subjects recorded at a given time. In contrast, the CC system lists concepts which are to be combined in a pre-set order, to construct a class number co-extensive with the subject of the document. This objectively [6] formulated and dynamic theory for designing and evaluating classification systems is enshrined comprehensively in his magnum opus Prolegomena to library classification Ranganathan ; a; a , and later summarized in a paper Ranganathan For designing a classification system, Ranganathan divided the whole work into three successive planes, named Idea, Verbal and Notational planes [7].

    The idea plane is the message, the verbal is its expression, and the notational plane is its visible representation in shorthand symbols. Prior to Ranganathan, classification design was considered as an intuitive field, the domain of a few inspired geniuses. This is quite obvious from the work of Melvil Dewey , C. Cutter , and J. Brown Bliss , who was singularly dedicated to classification studies, did base his Bibliographic Classification on some concretely formulated principles which Ranganathan viewed as static theory.