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If you finish the Larvae and Crystals before you finish the Hive Rituals—which you probably will—go ahead and move onto the Crucible medals and periodically check the map for events. As a quick note: to trigger the heroic version of the Hive Ritual, stand on the two plates and kill the Wizards that spawn once their shields drop. Stay on the plates and the shields around the crystals will drop, so kill them too.

Back in PvP, you get Blood for Blood medals by killing players right after they kill one or more of your teammates, and you get Best Served Cold medals by killing the player who killed you last. In other words, both of these medals are contingent on someone dying, so there's no purely proactive way to farm them.

That said, you can increase your odds of getting these medals by staying close to your teammates, keeping track of who kills you, and by using one-shot supers like Nova Bomb and Blade Barrage to counter roaming supers like Nova Warp and Golden Gun. Quickplay is generally the playlist to run here, but if it's available, Mayhem is ideal since it gives you so many supers.

How to make:

Once again, it's just a matter of patience and time. Almost done.

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Head back to the Drifter and he'll give you a new artifact called The Conversation. This unlocks a new mission in the Tangled Shore, in which you'll have a very loud chat with a Hive gunsmith named Enkaar. Set down at Thieves' Landing and head south until you reach the mission marker. Most of the mission needs no explanation. If you've killed Hive before, you'll know how to proceed: kill dudes, insert Worm A into Wall A, kill wizards, kill crystal.

Standard stuff. It's after you kill that crystal that things pick up.

Netflix Orders German Comedy Drama ‘The Last Word’ Starring Anke Engelke

You'll find yourself in the Broodhold and you'll see a runic plate. Standing on the plate fills a progress bar, and when the bar is full, The Last Word appears. But it's not yours yet; you've got to kill Enkaar first. Enkaar will spawn in front of the plate around the time you grab The Last Word, and shortly afterward, he'll draw his gun.

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You guessed it: you've got to shoot his gun out of his hand using The Last Word, and you've got to do it before he blasts you. How cool is that? It's high noon!

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There are three plates in the Broodhold, and each plate comes with an extra clone of Enkaar for you to duel. The first plate is unlocked from the get-go, but to use plates two and three, you'll need to clear out the enemies that spawn, taking particular care not to get blown up by the Cursed Thrall.

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Apart from that, it's standard procedure: stand on the plate, fill the bar, grab The Last Word, and shoot Enkaar's weapon when it glows. Note that the clones fire in the order they spawn, and if you're too slow, you will die, so channel your inner Clint Eastwood. Make your way to the third plate, shoot all three Enkaars in the blaster, and claim The Last Word.

It's officially yours. You'll find that The Last Word is a joy to use in the Crucible—remember it's intended to be used in close range, fired from the hip rather than ADS— so if you're not sick of PvP, go give it a test run. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Step one.

The Last Word

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    Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of last word. Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for last word Synonyms buzz , chic , craze , dernier cri , enthusiasm , fad , fashion , flavor , go , hot ticket , latest , mode , rage , sensation , style , ton , trend , vogue Visit the Thesaurus for More.

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