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Beckett, chairman of R. Enron had a code of four values. What happened to these [values]? People close to it told me that they basically set them aside. They breached their own integrity for the sake of doing these deals. Apparently, this happened at the board level, and it happened with Ken Lay. He did not; nobody else did. Formulas may get you part of the way, but ultimately they break down.

Does this same challenge afflict those of faith in the academy? Recently there has been criticism of higher education from those at secular universities and those outside the traditional Christian academic sphere that seems to suggest that a separation of personal values from professional values exists in the academy as well. Americans hunger for religious ways of truth seeking, especially with regard to moral values.

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John Sommerville who is a professor of English history at University of Florida. He argues that universities do not address critical questions the world is facing today because if they did, it would require some focus on issues such as faith and values that they are not willing to address. He does not believe Universities are really looking for answers to life questions. Good scholarship is produced by good men and women—people of high ethical character.

Scientific reductionism, stripped of transcendent purpose, cannot in the long run sustain the scientific enterprise.

It is easy as Christians to bemoan the fact that the academy gives little attention to issues of faith and spirituality and those scholars interested in these areas are often shunned. However, there is a tremendous opportunity right now to link faith and scholarship both at Christian and secular universities. As the demographics of the United States and the world shift, the majority of Christians in the world today are no longer in North America and Europe, thus we are seeing the growth of Christianity around the world.

Spiritual people are gracious, optimistic, compassionate, and self-actualized.

First, be great teachers, scholars, and colleagues to build credibility in the academy. This will give you a voice and people will listen when you have legitimate and interesting things to say about faith and its relationship with the academic work you are doing. Dallas Willard is a perfect example of this. He is someone who is recognized and noted as a scholar in philosophy, giving great legitimacy to his influence as a Christian scholar and teacher. Stephen Carter, Professor of Law at Yale, has also built a tremendous reputation in the legal and literary communities while also integrating his personal faith deeply with his academic work.

Second, be willing to ask and investigate the tough questions that emerge in your field from a faith perspective. Be intellectually honest and willing to deal with doubts and challenges that may arise in your scholarly work directly and forthrightly. And the author believes that as others see the truth come out in this way they will want to know more. You make them hungry for it. You use words to ravish people with the beauty of the kingdom. People become excited like the pearl-purchaser: they will give everything to get in.

What I have learned about experiences are that they become memories which we can if we want to choose to pull up out of our hard drives.

Seriousness of Self-Development - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 77

I choose to look at the current moment of life because this is all I have right here and now. My suffering has taught me that I too can keep reshaping the way I view the world and my current situation. Right now I am grateful for being pain-free and that I was given the kindness and caring last week in the hospital to try and practice this on myself.

Here I am feeling not alone, but loved and cared for. I am loved and I love. The truth of opening our hearts and saying yes to this every moment no matter what it is is a key. We can turn the light on in a dark room and shine the light of truth wherever we go.

Spiritual Life of the Leader

We simply must remember over and over again to stay present and awake. Inhale, yes and exhale, thank you. My spiritual practice is life and see grace and giving kindness.

As a child, the ancient wondrous music in church. And my private place in the woods, where I would go to get away from people and responsibilities, and be in the solitude of nature. These have surely threaded through my life in a multiplicity of ways such as our summer cottage, per previous post. I was blessed with those I call the Trinity of Women professors, who steered my to wonderful, reflective writers and open minded approaches to scripture and prayer. And so much more!! At this time I am at Buckfast Abbey, on a short retreat, already I have written much poetry, read quite a bit about contemplation.

I am not a religious person, yet feel to be attracted to the spiritual, particularly through the arts, also through the aesthetics of life.

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  4. Buckfast Abbey is set in marvellous gardens, it sits beside the River Dart, which brings its gushing water down from the beautiful, open, wild, landscapes of Dartmoor. Within the abbey, there is a chapel, with a stain glass window which takes up the whole of one wall — one immediately feels good on entering, on being caught in the blue light. To be in the abbey early, in time for vigils, yet before daylight truly enters is a pretty good place to feel yourself alive. I enjoy the sounds, if not the words, of the monks, reading and chanting.

    What are some experiences that have shaped my spiritual life? - Daily Question

    Wow, how beautiful Coastmoor! You are very fortunate to have the time and opportunity to be in a retreat. I would love to do that. I hope and pray that this happens. Oh, this setting sounds wonderful! I am long overdue myself to attend a retreat just for me and not be a part of running it, etc. These moments, when I became aware that nature carries and offers all wisdom as a constant modelling of LIFE as a part of the universe.

    Finding that suffering has changed into the power of life…. We will offer a variety of opportunities that will nurture and inspire spiritual development, accommodating diverse individual gifts, needs and desires. It is our hope that through the work of this Commission, the members of our parish will answer the universal call to holiness and deepen their relationship with God, bearing the fruit of that devotion as individuals and community.

    The Spiritual Life Commission's purpose according to Council Charter: The Spiritual Life Commission will provide experiences for the parish that provide a personal encounter with Jesus. A variety of approaches to spirituality are utillized to help individuals to link faith with life experiences.