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For me, the question is how you link up robust, earth-bound organic chemistry. Two of these, uracil and cytosine, are built on a single ring of carbon and nitrogen atoms known as a pyrimidine. The other two, adenine and guanine, are built on a double ring of carbon and nitrogen atoms called a purine.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Wher Are We Going? 1897

Until recently, scientists have been unable to show how both of these essential building blocks might have been formed from the same materials. As part of his PhD, Dr Powner succeeded in describing the first full route to producing pyrimidine molecules, but this is only half the story. Do things have to be this way? Why is this happening to us?

What can we do about it? The answers to such questions are certainly not simple, and you will not find them in any textbook. All these problems and converging crises are systemic.

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They are part of the same pattern. For the most part these crises we humans have brought upon ourselves over the course of many centuries by our attitudes towards each other and towards Nature, and by the concepts we have developed regarding who we are and the very purpose of our being here — in other words, our worldview. A worldview is a cultural phenomenon. It can and does change over time and worldviews can differ substantially across and even within cultures. But at its most basic level it is determined to a great degree by asking the most profound questions:.

Who are we? Where do we come from?

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What is our purpose? Where are we going?

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

All of these questions are fundamental to how we individually and collectively make meaning. As such they are questions asked by all spiritual traditions and since the very beginning of our species. Even the first cave paintings suggest that as soon as we were human, we started to ask these kind of questions. The worldview that informs us and helps us to make sense of the world is a crucial element of the transition towards a regenerative human presence on Earth. Spirituality, in all its divers expressions, can be understood as sustaining, infusing, and giving direction, meaning and purpose to a cultural system.

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Understood in this way, spirituality comprises the ultimate in shared values and ethics of a culture and forms the basis for legitimizing its socio-economic structure, its relationships with the more-than-human-world and its cosmic ecology e. The root meaning of religion is to bind together. To create a more sustainable future for humanity we need to find new ways to bind humanity together — in all its diversity of worldviews and belief systems — so that we may heal our relationship with the rest of the community of life.

In a purely secular culture, committed to scientific rationalism, many of the life-sustaining aspects of spirituality as a cultural guidance system can atrophy.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Nevertheless, science itself is required to offer answers to the age-old questions of Who are we? Many of the scientific discoveries of the last century have opened the possibility of a new synthesis of science and spirituality, that connects all of humanity and the rest of life to the mystery of our existence as co-creative participants of a continuously transforming universe.

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This emerging synthesis of science and spirituality is offering cultural guidance based on knowledge and wisdom, informed by reason, intuition, and inspiration. Each unique culture practices and celebrates spirituality in a manner reflective of its unique situation in the world.

The 20th century revolution of technologies that permits long distance travel and instant communication across the world has brought all cultures closer together, making us more aware than ever of the many diverse spiritual-cultural traditions that have flourished for millennia as intricate, elaborate meta-solutions to the challenges and opportunities of living in a particular place. Thus, in addition to offering numerous explanations for the vast, unseen, sublime dimensions of life, spiritual and cultural traditions the world over have distinct practical and instrumental value in sustaining their peoples over time.