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Sharper than Big Joe throughout. He also actually struck a grace note, and it happened in response to a question about his heart attack. The rest of the time he was the old Bernie.

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Sometimes he was smart and informed — in his exchange with Warren on health care. Buttigieg was the diet soda of the stage: a smart, responsible choice with an unpleasant aftertaste. Made an effective case to moderates. Not my kind of Republican, but the kind that Democrats might do well to welcome.

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Smacked down Beto, sir, yes sir! A candidate for conservative Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans and no one else. Feisty and effectively presented herself as a moderate alternative to Biden. She has more confidence and projects more competence than the other also-rans. But wow, that death ray stare!

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She took aim at Warren and hit the mark; at the close she spoke movingly about Senator McCain. He lifted the debate. Is he running for school counselor?

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  4. But how does he get to the next level? The Office of Reproductive Freedom? What an awkward, unfortunate line. An office for reproductive freedom? Uh, no. He also sounded pained that Democrats are criticizing Democrats in a presidential primary, which they do every four years. And there were moments where she cut through questions with ease.

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    But her exchange about Twitter with Warren was inexplicable and a real low point. She is misinformed. But mostly she sounds annoyed and affected. Discipline is her strength — she commands her facts and figures — but empathy is her weakness.

    But like so many others, she needs a breakout issue. Her campaign continues to lose altitude — fast. It was one of the most unbecoming moments of the primary thus far. America is moving on.

    Winners & Losers - Episode 2: The 50 States of America

    Expect his poll numbers to be stable again. His petulance in the late exchange with Warren drew an unfavorable contrast with her stinging restraint. But his non-confrontational style came across as cowed. He was flat and forgettable. Enough said.

    Winners & Losers: Your definitive guide. No matter the match, we have an opinion.

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